when she went

One year ago, my mother died suffered from heart disease. Indeed my mother never told me about the disease. Maternal mortality is very quick to make dad depression. So not long from the dead of my mother, my father died. He got accident when returning from an uncle’s house in Surabaya. Now I just live alone. Because I was the only child in my family. Moreover, I am blind,,,, I had no one who wanted to maintain my family. It was perhaps because of my conditions of deprivation and my blindness,,, Initially my life was at the mercy of my neighbors. But, I felt uncomfortable to my neighbor.

“I thought I still could try to own. Even though my situation was blind like this ”.

Warm sunshine, brought me to seek for job outside. Maybe there were still people who wanted to employ blind person like me. I stepped my foot with my faithful friend guided me from one place to another place. Yes ....It was Stick given by my parents when we gathered together in this world. One of the precious and beautiful memories that will accompanied me until the end my life.

Scorching sun, dust and motor vehicles passing by. I did not pay attention just to get a mouthful of rice. However destiny said to another. “"Em.... Maybe today is not my destiny to get sustenance. I'm sure God has the best plan for me on another day. Not today. I’d better fast.” I said.

There was a tinge of red light was visible and present on the western horizon there. While inviting the darkness of night and its inhabitants. I rushed home and praying in a mosque near my house. I also did not forget to bring my best friend as directions. Suddenly there was a fun bunch of kids to me and stole my best friend when I was praying. Only after praying, I was shocked.
"Where is my best friend? Earlier I put it here ... .. why is not there?? "I said with fingering. At that time, I was confused. As if I lost my direction in my life. I wanted to follow my parents in heaven. Why would I lived if no one else cared about me. Even my parents gift items were also going to leave me. I hate myself ... .. I hate?? Why does my destiny like this?? I envy those who are always smiling with family and friend. Suddenly the voice sounded fine to me.

“ Miss, what is it? I heard you are angry and complain over the fate of the current?” said the man.

“ Yes. Mr. I hate my fate today. All went away. Including my best friend, the only one in my life.” I replied.

“ Who is that, miss?? Is it your stick? Said the man.

“ Yes, Mr.” I replied again.

After that, I told all my life history from beginning to end.

"Emm previously ,,,,,what is your name????" Said the man.

“ I am Iyud Dwi Amaliah. How about you? “ I said..

“ I am Rehan”.oww.. great to see you.” Rehan’s replied.

From the introductions and events, we were more familiar. Rehan was very nice to me. He often came to my house to entertain me. Although he's a rich kid, he's not ashamed to be my friends. Times had changed today, and the moon had changed its year. The more often we were together, the love that grew in my heart. But, I was afraid he did not accept me. I did not think that it revealed bias. I could only keep it in my diary as picture twisted and turned of my life. One day, he read it. Then he tried to explain to me.

"Yud, I already know all about you and your life. I salute the struggle of life in the middle of the city twinkle and your condition today. You think of as my best friend. I do not want that only because love, our friendship ended”. Rehan explained.

A single tear came out of my eyelids. But, immediately I hide from him and I could only smile.

That afternoon, wind blew hard. Immediately I closed my bedroom window. My mother's voice calling. Amazed me. Why did my mother call me?? Ah,,,,mybe it was time for me to be with her.

"Tok ... tok ... tok .... Yud, are you at home??” said the Rehan.

“Yes, Han.” I replied him.

“ Emm,,do you want to follow me? Don’t worry! Just go around here. do not worry and I pay it.” Rehan’s said.

In a roadside food stall, I get off the bike as it was led by him. Rehan said that there was a flat tire on his motorcycle. I was sorry for him.

"Han, you wait here, I lend motorcycle pump there. Maybe there is.

“But?” Rehan said.

Do not worry. Smile ...????” I said to him.

By walking slowly, I walked. All of a sudden…Brak,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,??

“Iyud? That's the cry from Rehan first time I laid on the road with blood cross-legged. Visible figure was in front of his face. Turned out He is Rehan. I always hoped I could see him. But, why?? when I could see him again. My time was not much for him. When he left, history and mystery also ended.

After two years passed ... the memories were still clearly defined in me. "Yud, maybe it was the best course for you .... Then there was also a song by EBIT GAD. To put this trip was very sad (perjalanan ini terasa sangat menyedihkan).

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